It’s been a long winter, no denying that. I was washed off on opening day, and haven’t had a chance to fish since. However, the days are drawing out, the weather is improving and the environment is finally showing signs of spring. 

With this slight improvement in conditions, I managed to grab a short session with a pal and I finally opened my 2018 season. Here’s how that day panned out.

Bridge hopping is a valuable activity for a number of reasons. It feeds the imagination, for places you have never fished. You might even spot a fish or two, if you’re really lucky. In our case, it helped us to establish conditions as we moved upstream higher into the catchment. Third bridge lucky, we found some water that we figured might give us half a chance. 

So, without laying down an over indulgent fishing story for you all, here are some pictures from the session.

Bridges make great opportunities for both fishing and observing.

In the high water conditions we were faced with, the fish were most likely holding in slack water and current seams.

Side streams and tributaries are worth pursuing in high conditions. Fish of all sizes will seek refuge in these areas.

Tense moments as the first of 2018 slips over the net.

No monster, but finding the smaller fish is proof of successful spawning and multiple year classes.

So there we go, the first of 2018 in the bag! It's great to be back on the rivers, and I hope you're all fitting in some sessions when conditions allow.