Well, that crept up on me… the season has started already! Super stoked, really excited, just need some good weather to go with it. Never mind, the sun will be out soon bringing long evenings and big hatches. I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground since I was last writing here, but you don’t need my life story, so I’ll pick two events. The London Fly Fair and opening day.

Starting with London. I can’t deny it, I’m a country boy. The thought of living in London is pretty terrible to me, but then most people wouldn’t want to live in a pair of waders and smell like fish all day… Anyway, I do quite enjoy visiting, and considering my brother lives there I had a pretty solid weekend lined up. It’s the first year for The London Fly Fishing Fair, and what a debut it was! Seriously cool stands, coupled with a great layout and venue made for a fantastic atmosphere. 

A fantastic venue.

The pool was getting shredded by some amazing casting from the likes of Charles Jardine and Hywel Morgan, who gave brilliant casting demos with their usual charisma and infectious passion for the sport. 

Enthusiastic and exciting demos ran all day.

Even found myself some new fishing buddies!

There were some seriously cool stands from big name tackle companies, destination fishing groups, photographers and even conservation initiatives. A great balance showcasing all aspects of the fly fishing industry. I can’t wait for next year!

Then a few days with my brother and catching up with Uni friends, which is always a pleasure. Six nations rugby, beers, good food and daytime activities. Cheers all!

The Trout Bum and the City Slicker!

Back to the countryside! The 25th of March is a big date in our diaries…  The Brown Trout season opens! I had the pleasure of being invited to the Fox and Hounds hotel by Pete Tyjas for his opening day bash. It was a great day, and its always exciting to fish a new river. The weather was stunning for the 15th of March! We had more laughs than fish, a fantastic lunch and a pint to finish the day off. What more could you want?

A 'relaxed' start to the season...

Pete Tyjas chalks up the first hits of 2017!

I actually wrote this piece a few days ago, and never got round to making it live. Since then the weather has turned and we are seeing a typical March. Chocolate rivers and slippery banks, never mind, hopefully you’re getting amongst the fish wherever you are!