As the rivers come to a close and we start to focus on other species such as Pike, Rainbow Trout and Grayling, its nice to sit down on a rainy autumn day such as this one and reflect on what has been a fantastic Brown Trout season. As the regular readers will know, I’m heavily into my photography so most of my fishing sessions are well documented in pixels. Lets have a look and see some of my favorite photos.


Right at the beginning of the season I opened with a session on the Fowey. Travelling up from deep Cornwall, having emerged from a 2 month library session working on my dissertation I was pleased to get on some water. With conditions very damp and cold, I managed a couple of browns and snapped this unique net shot of a beautifully marked individual.

Coming home after exams I had a nice photo session on the river Tone in Somerset with Pathfinder Media. We found Grayling sipping small dries, making for technical but rewarding fishing. Happy days.

Then came Norway, not strictly a fishing trip but the Norwegian wilderness threw up plenty of opportunities to fish! I caught some cracking Trout in stunning locations. 

Halfway through the season my family moved house. Relocating to Dartmoor has put me onto some amazing water, but I’m yet to fully explore the place. However, I have found myself a little river which is so far un-documented, un-fished, and full of wild fish. Maybe I’ll tell you where it is sometime…


Finally, coming to the end of the season, I got a chance to do some gear testing for Guide Fly fishing, and where better to test gear than my own backyard, Dartmoor.

Hope you’ve had a great time on the rivers this year and remember, just because the Brown Trout are off the cards doesn’t mean you cant fish. Try a different species over winter!