A couple of seasons ago I realized that my river fishing skills were pretty basic, and decided I wanted to invest both time and money into improving my game. I never thought I would become so side tracked by the river though, and consequently have lost touch with my still water Trout tactics. It’s never a bad thing to recognize and target weakness, it’s the only way to improve yourself as an angler. 

It's easy to become addicted to rivers when they take you to places like this.

Because of this sudden realization, I have decided to spend the winter months getting around the still water circuit and spotted a chance to create a series of blog posts, not something I normally do, but hopefully I’ll be able to document my learning curve throughout the 2016/17 winter! I was drawn to the rivers for their wild and natural appeal, but I have had a change of heart recently, and I’m looking forwards to some winter sport on still water fisheries. 

Hoping for a bit more of this over the winter!

When you want to expand your fishing, or want to target a specific area for improvement, there are a number of things you can do to avoid unnecessary stress. First of all, if you can find the time and money, book yourself a guide. There are a number of professional guides operating across the UK, all with a vast array of knowledge and skills to help you develop and expand your game. However, if you insist on going alone I recommend that you put in the hours at home. Read books, read blogs, watch videos… anything to inspire you! Finally, I’d advise that you invest as much as you can afford into your new ventures. The fly fishing game is brutal, you only get what you pay for. Quality comes at a price, and consequently so does performance. Invest as much as you can to make the journey more enjoyable.


I guess that’s it to start things off… Short, sweet and to the point. Hopefully some interesting points will arise as I dig into the still water trout game.


Have a think, what’s your weakness? Maybe it’s time to iron it out…