Earlier this week I received some post. Something far more exciting than bank statements and pizza menus, this was a big crate. What was more exciting was the return address… Guide Fly Fishing UK. I had this delivered to work, a foolish mistake, because at this point I was ready to drop my overalls and go fishing. Inside the package, amongst other things, was the new Zero reel from Redington. I went straight home to examine my new kit and take a few photos.

The Zero reels are the end result of a two year development program from Redington, and I hope they’re pleased because as far as I can see, it was worth every second. The Zero is the lightest reel in its class, but what does that actually mean? Well, for example, the 4-5wt model is THE LIGHTEST 4-5wt reel out there, period. No fly reel in the 4-5wt class lighter than the Zero exists. These are the results you get when so much time and effort is invested in the development and design. 

The 4-5wt model of the new Redington Zero reel

Talking design, the reel features a ported spool for weight reduction and to keep your backing and line dry. Along with this porting, the face of the reel features a unique minimalist design that can only be achieved by using die-cast engineering as opposed to CNC, the standard technique used in the fly reel industry. The handle counter balance is part of the spool, instead of a small aluminum button on the reel’s face, this not only enhances weight reduction but also compliments the aesthetics of the reel. 

Subtle and stylist design.

A closer look at the ported, unique design.

The Zero has no drag system; this is a click and pawl style reel. Believe it or not, for the sensible and pragmatic angler there is often no need for a drag system. How many wild UK fish have almost spooled you? None. This isn’t Patagonia. Why use a reel with a carbon drag system which only adds weight, bulk and cost to your reel when you are never going to use it? However, this isn’t a weight and cost reduction exercise, click and pawl has its own benefits. Benefits include enhanced tippet protection, better balancing on lighter outfits and a load more fun when you do hook a bigger fish! It is also worth noting that when you eliminate the drag system more money can be invested into lighter materials, more advanced design and greater ergonomics. It’s a win-win situation. Here is Paul Richardson to give you the full details of the Zero

I heard someone describe the Zero as “basic”, because of its design and lack of drag system, but I believe it is far more advanced and takes on a minimalist nature. In an industry where everyone is racing to create new design features and develop new technologies, sometimes its best to remove features rather than add them, and with reference to the Zero reel – less, is definitely more. 

So now that you want to get your hands on a Zero, here’s the breakdown of models, colours and pricing.


Sizes: 2-3wt and 4-5wt.

Colours: Black or Sand.

Prices: £79.99 (all sizes), spare spools at £44.99. Yeah, that’s right, only £79.99!


Find a stockiest here.