You’ve probably noticed that things have been a little quiet around here lately, but in comparison, if you follow my instagram (@sam_baycock) or the facebook page you’ll have noticed that I have finished and handed in my dissertation. With 10,000 words on sea bass ecology and about a year of research behind me it’s time to start blogging again.


A little while ago the guys over at RIO and Guide Fly Fishing sent me a LightLine, one of their new products, so I wanted to discuss this new product on the blog. This is my first proper attempt at a review, and I‘ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most experienced guy in the industry. But, when I buy gear I like to read as much as possible, anyone’s opinion is helpful, and I hope you feel the same.


It’s also Easter Sunday, so maybe you’ll join me a few glasses of red whilst I write and you read…

The LightLine from RIO.

The details:

·      Product: RIO LightLine (WF – Weight Forward) 4wt. Also available in a Double Taper (DT)

·      RRP: £59.99. From Guide Fly Fishing distribution. Find your local dealer here.



The LightLine is designed to be fished with rods of a slower action, otherwise described as “classic” action by RIO. This encompasses bamboo, glass and graphite. Do not be put off by this, as I can probably guess the majority of you don’t use these rods. The LightLine also shreds on any advanced rod with a classic action such as my beloved Sage Circa 8’9” 4wt. I’d also like to add that I have cast this line on the Redington Butter Stick at trade shows, and damn it feels great. I have to say, the amount of ‘feel’ you get from this line is ridiculous, and your outfit becomes an extension of your arm. It’s as if you aren’t even holding a rod and line, its just part of your body. 

The LightLine sitting pretty on my chosen river reel.

The LightLine features a short front taper which allows for easy, short turn over of flies on roll casts in small rivers. The line is also very powerful and will sling itself across a bigger river without any problems at all. It comes in a brilliant colour combo of brown and ivory, which I feel is very fitting for this traditional and relaxed style of fishing which also requires maximum stealth. It is incredibly adaptable, and I will regularly fish dries, nymphs (single or a team) with ease. I have even used small poppers and wooly buggers with the line (for reasons I won’t explain…) all of which were turned over easily.  


Heavily decorated with RIO’s superb technologies including Max Cast, Max Float and AgentX Technology, the line is ultra supple and relaxed, making your casting easier and giving you a long term solution to your trout line problems. There are also front and back welded loops, making rigging fast and easy. You can get the full details of these technologies here

A screenshot from the RIO website, showing the profile of the LightLine in both WF and DT models.

The range of LightLine models available.

I’ll leave the rest of the talking to Simon Gawesworth, the man responsible for putting this line in my hands!