The Find Your Water series by Redington really is something special, not only because the footage and the fly fishing featured makes for some great video shorts, but it also came along at a very good time for me. Being at University has added both pros and cons to my fly fishing. I live for adventure and exploration, and although coming to university to study has provided new areas to explore, it has put my more adventurous expeditions on hold. Committed to my studies and living in a part of England where freshwater fishing is somewhat limited I’ve found myself searching for something that doesn’t really exist in west Cornwall; a selection of rivers stuffed with Brownies, Grayling and anything else that'll eat a fly.

What relevance does the Find Your Water Series have to all this? Well at home I have all my known waters, I know where the fish are and what they like to eat. Here in Falmouth, a few hours from home it is a different story, bound to my studies, spending more time writing essays than in waders having been immersed into a completely new environment I’m left with two options:

Stop fishing, I’ll just save it for when I’m back home and go cold turkey all term… OR get out there and embrace my new environment.

But that is easier said than done, I’m not going to deny it. Exploration takes commitment and dedication, so a little inspiration goes a long way, and that’s where Redington saved the day.

The Find Your Water Series has concluded its first series now, with 6 episodes all featuring inspiring stories of real people sharing real passion for fly fishing and the great outdoors. From urban Carp to back country Tarpon there is something for everyone, and no matter where you live there are always fish to be caught! I’ve learnt that it’s often best to let the subject do the talking, so without anymore rubbish from me its time to hook you up with a few episodes!

There are my two favourite episodes. I love Ep 6 as it shows a couple who share their love for fly fishing and photography, which has bought them closer together during their relationship, something I think a lot of people aspire to have. Ep 3 is just outrageously cool! Fly fishing and BMX'ing (something I have left in the past, but still love). Just showing that fly fishing isn't boring, and thats what I am all about.