When I think of things to blog about, they normally come to me at pretty strange times, leading me to either write down my idea or for it to just fade away into my limited grey matter to be forgotten forever. But this idea stuck with me, TILOA. That’s right, Technology Induced Loss Of Adventure, in other words, an unhealthy dependence on weather charts and fishing reports.


I’ve desperately been trying to land three species of fish lately, all to fail miserably. First target, the Mullet, notoriously fickle at the best of times and elusive to say the least I am yet to land one of these supposedly ‘common’ inshore fish. Public enemy no. 1 is the Bass, it’s not even worth mentioning, I hate them for their ability to evade me. The final fish, and the real reason for this article is the Salmon. The River Fowey is fishing well, with conditions varying but the solid run of Salmon remaining strong, but for some reason I’m left cancelling trips because I might not catch one…


Ever since moving to Falmouth, I have had to depend on tide charts and mapping data as if my life depended on it, and it has led to an unhealthy obsession with checking weather reports, catch reports, wind directions and anything else that will either put me off heading out or make me drop everything and run out the door. I do understand that saltwater fishing is largely dependent on these data sources, but when I wait for a 20 second video of the Fowey to be uploaded before deciding to head out? That’s wrong. Don’t get me wrong, information like this can be invaluable, I guess I am just somewhat ashamed at myself for letting it put me off heading out. What happened to just throwing caution to the wind and going out? Regardless of my chances of catching, at least I’ll get a good day outside in the elements instead of festering at my desk.


I’ve always said that I don’t have an Off Season, just because wild Trout are off the cards why should I sit inside wishing it were summer again? There’s a whole array of fish out there to catch. I guess sometimes I should just bite the bullet and get out on the water! I just hope we aren’t getting too dependent on technology, we already have fish finders to link to your Iphone, what next? Fish holding little plaques with “I’m taking dries” written on? Or why don’t we just have someone catch the fish for us? In reflection this paragraph is a little hypocritical, after stating how I’m fed up of the amount of technology I use, I’m now ridiculing it all… Perhaps I know what’s best for me after all, a good sense of adventure and a bit of watercraft. Don’t let technology dictate a sport where we are supposed to ‘get away from it all’. Check your pulse, remember you are human and go out on your instincts, not because the charts say the odds are against you.